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Saturn Network

Saturn Network is a collection of services for cryptocurrency owners and traders. Our mission is to build necessary tools that make working with cryptocurrencies easy - and help with global cryptocurrency adoption as a result.


Discuss upcoming ICOs, complain about scams and find gems that are truly worth investing in


Discuss established cryptocurrencies. Price predictions, latest news and rumours, HODL or dump it

Trading bots

There’s a large (and growing) number of trading bots for cryptocurrencies available on the internet, both free and paid. In this category we discuss existing trading bots, their merits and drawbacks, and share experiences using them.


Share your techniques and learn from others


Discuss various cryptocurrency exchanges. News, rumours, price discrepancies


This section is designated to discuss, announce or promote different cryptocurrency services that could benefit any members of our community.

Trading stories

Trading cryptocurrency can sometimes be stressful. Come share stories of you mad gains, or seek support if you’re feeling tilted. All real life trading stories welcome!


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