Trading bots There’s a large (and growing) number of trading bots for cryptocurrencies available on the internet, both free and paid. In this category we discuss existing trading bots, their merits and drawbacks, and share experiences using them. Token Mining Discussions about token mining on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic such as <a href="">0xbitcoin</a>, <a href="">Bitcoin Classic</a> or <a href="">GasTokens</a>. Find tutorials on how to set up token mining software or even brag about your rigs! Create a token & launch your ICO Followed <a href="">our guide on how to create an Ethereum Classic token and ICO</a> but having troubles? This is the category to get answers to your questions around token creation and the next steps to take to launch your ICO successfully.
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How to create a token and ICO on Ethereum Classic After you go through this guide, you will learn how to create an ERC223 token on Ethereum Classic blockchain and an ICO for this token. Prerequisites Install Saturn Wal…

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