05/22 Rawcoin & CK USD & Gems & LightChain News


0522 Hillside currency latest market information, Rawcoin (XRC) so far the price fell 1.91%, unit price dropped to 0.020239 US dollars, the market value of a total of 14266 US dollars, 24 hours trading volume of 8 US dollars, circulation 704882XRC, total supply 704882XRC, comprehensive ranking 1309, comprehensive Scored 2.8 points, the overall fluctuations in the week were relatively stable.

The overall ranking of CK USD (CKUSD) was 1,328 before the deadline for press release. The overall score was 3.4 points. The overall price dropped by 0.82% and the unit price was 0.972782. The total market value was unknown. The 24-hour trading volume was 12,651,1000 US dollars. The circulation and total supply were unknown. More shaking.

Gems (GEM) has now cut prices by an overall 4.33%, unit price of 0.017895 US dollars, a comprehensive ranking of 1375, a comprehensive score of 2.6 points, the total market value is not yet known, 24 hours trading volume of 684,376 US dollars, a total supply of 800 million GEM, a week trend is relatively stable.

The price of LightChain (LIGHT) has fallen by 0.93% so far. The overall ranking is 1380. The overall score is 2.6 points. The total market value is unknown. The 24-hour trading volume is 537,187 US dollars and the total supply is 210,000,000,000 LIGHT. The trend in the week has gradually declined.

The above sources of information citicoins official website

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1.The CKUSD is roughly the same as the USDT – a digital currency linked to the US dollar. However, unlike the USDT, which is adopted by many trading platforms, the CKUSD is currently only available on the BCEX and Allcoin exchanges. On the BCEX official website, the partners include Allcoin. At the same time, in the market statistics platform, there is no CKUSD circulation information display, official website information is also lacking

  1. Gem is the Ethereum token of the gems agreement. The gems protocol is a distributed, open source, artificial crowdsourced smart contract protocol based on Ethereum. Based on this agreement, anyone can participate in a mini-task without worrying about task confirmation, trust, or payment. The executor of the task will receive a gem token reward. The cost of gem tokens is approximately 0.07-0.09usd (floating according to eth price) and the official will conduct a wide range of free airdrops for some whitelisted users.

  2. LIGHT (Light Chain) is the world’s first double-block blockchain (parent and child chains). Among them, the LIGHT parent chain is similar to the traditional public chain, and there is only one, ensuring that records are complete, transparent, and cannot be tampered with or destroyed. The LIGHT subchains can be multiple and exist independently of each other. Based on the PoM validation method, combined with the In-Memory database cache, the throughput of the cache links can be effectively improved, and the QPS can reach more than 100,000, and the performance can be greatly improved. LIGHT has solved the problem of the lag in processing speed of today’s digital currency during transactions, and achieved instantaneous real-time transactions. The birth of LIGHT marks the blockchain industry entering a millisecond-level new transaction era.