All about trading experience


So i successfully sold a few of my STN on Radex. Thank you guys! The design is awesome i liked it. Had some troubles with metamask but one refresh and everything working good. If you could do some video turtorials how to use the exchange it will be much beter.


Glad to hear you had a positive experience. Keep in mind that we are still in alpha and plan to add more features (market orders, multi-token support, trading charts) as well as improve UI/UX (display pending transactions, simplify buy/sell process etc), so it will be even better during open beta. Radex tutorials are coming soon, meanwhile, feel free to suggest new features


Hi - I have not traded on the exchange as yet, nor is this a new feature request, so I’ll just call it a newbie question. I typically use Bittrex and when you buy and sell with BTC they show the USD amount (in my case, I assume they might show EUR or JPY also) for the value of the Bid/Ask/Trade and amount in your wallet. I have always found this helpful because you don’t have to convert BTC or ETH or whatever token into USD to figure out what you are bidding or selling.

Why is it that more exchanges don’t do this? I have only see one other centralized exchange implement this and the few decentralized exchanges I have visited none of them do this including Radex.

So my next question is, is having the fiat amount difficult to implement or what is the reason behind not showing Fiat?


Very good question!

Short answer for why we don’t currently show fiat price is because this price must come from some centralized place, a trusted server. We believe there’s no such thing as trusted server, if anything it should be treated as temporary necessary evil, and thus we minimize your exposure to privately owned services.

Radex in current incarnation doesn’t even have google analytics embedded, and only requires one network request to load the website. The rest of communication is trustless and happens directly with the blockchain: all the prices and orders are being extracted from the smart contract. Check this article to learn more.

This, unfortunately, does provide suboptimal user experience, and sometimes, in some circumstances, a little bit of trust won’t hurt. So we are rewriting the website to work on top of our API. This will make Radex much more lightweight, capable of running on mobile, and will allow us to show information such as fiat price on the website.

We will stay true to the roots though and will port existing codebase to a desktop app, so you will have a choice. If you want to maximize your anonymity and the only source of information that you trust is the blockchain - then you can run the desktop app with your own blockchain node.

If you are a more casual user you can use the website which has a slightly better user experience, is more lightweight, and can show fiat prices as well.


Thanks, appreciate the feedback.


My pleasure. I appreciate your thoughtful questions.