Any upcoming ICOs you would like us to discuss or analysis?


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Anyone spotted an upcoming ICO they wanted to discuss? We would be happy to give you a technical opinion from a development & marketing perspective.

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Sam R


Hey, I would like to ask you about Gram ( Telegram msgnr) ICO
It’s really weird, but Durov and his social network “Vkontakte” has more then 300mil users in Russian and neares counties, and telegram was successful as well, what do you think?

They did found enough money, but it was closed pre-ICO sale.
Could they just found it themselves or even just claim that did found money and then do scam?
Seems strange, as they do have billions on VK and Telegram
Also, as i understood, they wanna use it like their own cryptocurrency via telegram, but GRAM isn’t listed on any exchange, are they willing to challenge traditional bank transactions with it?
China already has a messenger with transactions which is used by almost every Chinese, maybe they wanna do the same.
Anyway, i don’t get it. take a look at this and this
If they do scam, they will ruin the reputation of corporation worth billions of billions in USD
but it’s looks like it.


Someone mentioned the other day in our telegram how strange it was that the only things we know about their ICO is 2 stickers in the messenger :smiley:

With zero official links its kind of hard to tell what they are planning to do, but if their investment is true then they must have had a kick-ass presentation about the future that is for sure. BTW word on the street told me the minimum investment was $5million, which makes sense when you look at the numbers.

Investing in ICO is always a bit risky, which is why we are developing a way to invest into multiple projects at once :slight_smile: check it out:


minimum amount was $20mil at first round of investment. Durov is also apparently promising these people that by the time he launches ICO the price will be x10 of that, and if the price drops he will buy the coins back at the same value, so investors don’t lose money.

Seems like an elaborate pyramid / money laundering scheme.

It is worth pointing out thought that Durov does know how to build good services when he has the funding, so it remains to be seen what he has in store for us

  • Bid Gram -
    Like their idea, not sure about the adoption, tested their beta still much work to do. How would you rate it and what are the chances of success?

  • Pchain -
    Lots of hype didn’t skim their whitepaper. Only glances and find it interesting.


Really interesting Stablecoin, has 2 tokens. Terra, which is pegged to the SDR (love that) and Luna which pays dividends (I think?)

I think it could be a great addition to Radex.