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aXpire is a cloud-based, and AI-enabled blockchain payment processing company. We are a real company, with real revenues. Our business is a spinoff from LSG, LLC, an insurtech SaaS company that has a history of working with Fortune 500 and “household name” clients, such as Nike, Coca Cola and the NFL. We were founded in January 2017, and are headquartered in Manhattan, New York, with employees in London, India, and Australia. Our object-oriented core technology was developed at the request of our first client - one of the largest hedge funds in the world ($24Bn+ AUM) - to enable the real-time visualization and management of payment processing workflows across legal, fund accounting, administration, finance and compliance departments.

aXpire solves the need to maximize profitability through artificial-intelligence-driven, blockchain and cloudbased spend management. We can offer meaningfully differentiated security through the provision of our software in a distributed, secure and egalitarian manner - there is a decentralization edge. We reduce the incentive for cyber security threats through the use of a unique, AXP token. We also leave an immutable trail of transactions that provides value throughout the auditing, compliance and reporting process for any client that is required to understand company spend and profitability data. Regulated hedge funds, for example, need to report fund expenses to the SEC. Any user of our software will also be able to view, in real time, spend data across the company, providing live data for intelligent profit maximization. Decentralization provides us access to all of these advantages, and also allows a “clean” method of fundraising, kickstarting early growth.

Our suite of aXpire applications create seamless, digital connections across all key functional departments and stakeholders, including: 740ad8fc31cd4e256309e0707e2fce7f

The AXP token
The AXP token is a decentralized application (dapp) token developed on top of Ethereum blockchain, in line with the ERC223 standards, which is an enhanced version of its predecessor ERC20 standards. The aXpire network is free to use; the code is open source, with an Apache license. The initial distribution of the token has been completed through a TGE (Token Generation Event), where anyone could purchase the AXP token in exchange for ether or bitcoin.

Once we build out our industry agnostic software back end, we will require vendors to use AXP for “eprocurement” and/or “e-bidding” for expense contracts. Clients will be able to submit jobs to our platform, with invoices payable in AXP. If vendors plan to transact on the live network and submit invoices, they’ll need AXP to cover the base fees for those transactions. By design, transaction fees on aXpire are very low cost.


TGE / Token sale details
Token sale date: January 8th - January 12th
Amount raised: $20,000,000 contributed in ETH/BTC
Tokens sold: 262,500,000 AXP (75% of total 350m supply)

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