CryptoTomatoes - idle ETC dApp game!


This idle ETC game is a funny little dApp on Ethereum Classic. First you buy seeds, then grow tomatoes and then you can produce your own seeds to turn into more tomatoes or sell. Not amazing ETC dApp but its cool to see Saturn Wallet being promoted so I thought I would let you guys know!


I’ve tried it out and though everything works correctly & I was able to sell my seeds initially for some profit, now it looks like there are too many seeds in play! Not sure how these things work, I would suggest some random variables for the game - maybe a disease can kill off % seeds randomly?


I’ve also tried this ETC dApp a bit also so it definitely works, yeah it could do with some more features! I will try tweeting their twitter this thread. Maybe the developer will come and discuss :slight_smile:


You are right though, now there are billions of seeds? Looks like value is very very low! Maybe there should be caterpillar or weather to destroy garden?


ooooh great. hopefully we dont crash like ByzantiumCryptoKitties muhahaha