Dogecoin market depressed in China, why?




A few days ago, Dogecoin coin has ended its second round of subscriptions. From the results of the final appointment, more than half of the dogecoincoins were unreserved. In China market, public statistics show that there are more than 800,000 dogecoins unclaimed in Nanjing. Strangly, from the first round of subscription, dogecoin sold out immediately, but in the second’s, no one interesting , dogecoin experienced a “roller coaster” market. Until April 19, Issued 145.421 million Dogecoin in Jiangsu, only 47.35% of the doge were reserved, and there were more than 76.571million dogecoins without owners. 2018 in China, is a Dog year, I thought it should sold out immediately, but not that hot. According to, Dogecoin price is too low, if holders can’t exchange it, how to save dogecoin well is a big problem. What about Dogecoin market in your country?

I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.

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