©IPHS = Transparency, Equality, Stability, Community & Meritocracy Cryptocurrency


Hello World :smile: We would like to share an open source fintech project. A project known as Cryptocurrency IntelPayment HyperSystem aka CIPHS, a Cryptocurrency with Meritocracy Governance System based on ERC20/223 Ethereum blockchain.

We will explain on how to get involve into Ciphs and benefits from CIPHS Monetary Cryptocurrency Organization and interact with Ciphs Smart Contract.

  1. _community
    CIPHS Cryptocurrency are _Ownable by Ciphs Organization. An open source community project developed under MIT license.

  2. _investor
    Ciphs org are owned by _investor. Regardless of whom you are and what your title is, CIPHS maintain the equality within network as prevention to monopolization of the Currency itself. Investor function will register any ERC Wallet Address that send Ether directly to CIPHS contract address. The price are 1:1 ratio to ETH, giving flexibility in terms of pricing to join Ciphs Organization. One may send 0.000001ETH or even 0.1ETH to CIPHS smart contract, these _transfer will auto register the ERC Wallet Address to CIPHS smart contract and return equal amount of CIPHS as verification without having to interact with CIPHS smart contract. Additionally, contributed Ether will be use for the purpose of Development. We will explain about other benefits below.

  3. _mint
    CIPHS max total supply are 86 Quadrillion, adequate to cover global adoption. Currently with 7 Million of © liquidate to circulation for early adoption. CIPHS central minter will release 1 Million © each time successful proposal voted by Ciphs Community. _proposal can be trigger by wallet containing 100© and registered as _investor (as verification to the system). While _voting user need to maintain at least 10© of balance and the address must have transaction within 3 month period to enable interaction with smart contract (as prevention to vote monopolization). If Community _voting agree and achieve 70% or achieve 7 days without any execution of against_proposal for mint(), new 1 Million © will be _distributeToken and segregate to _investor address, Equally. These benefiting the Community without having to implement Winner Loser concept to get more ©.

  4. _tokenFallback
    CIPHS are based on ERC223 standard where the code prevent from © to be transfer to incompatible wallets or smart contract (as in most current DEX smart contract) which cause lost to User funds. Regardless of personal mistake, the system prevent from_transfer to be execute and reverted the tx. As addition, ERC223 enable single transaction instead of paying tx twice to execute _approve and _transfer to smart contract (most ERC20 DEX). These ease the usage while maintaining the credibility of a Cryptocurrency that also acted as digital payment system.

  5. _track
    Built with heart of development. By adding simple function to code base, these enable any decentralize integration with Dapps development for in Games, shopping apps, banking apps, tipping forums, renting services, monthly salary payment, escrow, staking and such. These function making a CIPHS multi dimensional Cryptocurrency that can be adopt globally. User may opt out be executing dislike_trackable function.

  6. _bannable
    Remember issue happened to MT.Gox? This function acted as a security layer to Ciphs environment. Thus prevent from account to be hijack. One with 10© may propose for _bannable to an address that caught messing up Ciphs monetary system. Vote will be carry on same as _mint however, final vote will depend to core developer team to decide (as prevention to mishandling of _bannable).

  7. _burn
    These function are used in many circumstances. To name a few… inflation or deflation of money supply, shorting the amount of ©, cross chain exchange, perform proof of burn development or such.

HODL? There is no staking function as © were develop to be use as cash. However, it is possible with the use of _trackable function, possibility for other smart contract to adopt and use © for staking. The end.

Wonder how to start? You may start by making transfer in any amount of Ether to CIPHS contract address below and in return your ERC wallet will be deposit with © equivalent to Ether contributed, with additional benefits as _investor.

Official CIPHS address as on Etherscan: 0xa4ff5ce0556f9ff0797ae525ec5ba9b723878a3e
:warning: Beware of scam attempt. Always double check the address of smart contract before interact.

Feel free to ask any question regarding Ciphs development or connect with other by joining Telegram Group Chat. Thanks for your time, have a nice day.
Let’s ©IPHS.