Multi Blockchain Airdrop Formula queries


Airdrop formula infographic: SaturnNetworkAirdropFormula.pdf (207.1 KB)

As outlined in our whitepaper the Saturn Protocol has been built to be compatible with various different blockchains. Each blockchain will have its own SATURN tokens to govern their own DAO, these tokens would be airdropped via the following formula:

  • 50% SATURN tokens on a new blockchain, such as SATURN Classic on Ethereum Classic blockchain, will be distributed among SATURN ICO participants & Strategic investors.
  • 50% SATURN tokens on a new blockchain will be distributed among holders of SATURN on Ethereum blockchain at a predefined snapshot date, much like a hard fork.

Let’s illustrate this formula with a concrete example. If one is to participate in SATURN airdrop, it will fall under one of these three categories:

  1. You buy 1000 SATURN on ICO and hold until snapshot date. You will get 1000 * 0.5 (for buying on ICO) + 1000 * 0.5 (for holding at snapshot date) = 1000 SATURN Classic
  2. You buy 1000 SATURN on ICO and sell them before snapshot date. You will get 1000 * 0.5 + 1000 * 0 = 500 SATURN Classic
  3. You don’t buy SATURN on ICO, but you buy 1000 SATURN before the snapshot date and hold it. You will get 1000 * 0 + 1000 * 0.5 = 500 SATURN Classic

Airdrop snapshot dates for each individual blockchain will be announced separately at a later date.

Feel free to ask any queries about the Airdrop formula here, thanks!

Strategic Investor Program: Saturn Network Strategic Investor Program Is Open


Added an infographic to illustrate our airdrop formula :slight_smile:


Going to leave this topic up for historical purposes, please note this is no longer the current formula and the info-graphic is incorrect.

Please find the new formula outlined here:

Thank you!