MyEtherWallet controversy: Should you trust MyCrypto?


On February 8th, 2018, Taylor Monahan, one of MyEtherWallet's cofounders, has posted this article on her Medium blog. Let's summarize the article with quotes from it.

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Taylor should be ashamed of herself. This is a lesson for everyone not to trust people too much. It doesn’t matter how close they are to you. They can change in a twinkle of an eye.


So what’s the best choice now? Metamask, myetherwallet, mist or parity?


mist or parity if you can afford to run a full blockchain node. MEW as the web wallet. There are some more wallet options in this post.



Twitter has found that mycrypto account has violated terms of services and has restored MyEtherWallet’s twitter. I know it because I have reported mycrypto’s twitter for “pretending to be me or someone else”.

Saving graces from mycrypto team (notice no mention of being forced to give twitter back, proves my initial point about lack of integrity).

Karma is a bitch, Ms. Monahan.