NETP (News Token Pool)



I am planning on doing an ICO on ETC, but first, I want to tell you about an established project that I consider a hidden gem.

In 2014, I started, and was the first website dedicated to bitcoin news, and over the years, I conducted a few rounds of crowdfunding with my subscribers to develop some projects.

Some of the projects were successful, and others not so much, but after all the experimental developments, me and my team finally developed a solid business plan, and will have our NETP blockchain token listed on an exchange in September.

Presently, there is no way to buy NETP, however, you can buy NEWS, which you can get 5 NETP for each NEWS share.

The NEWS shares are under the symbol NEWS at

On August 30, we will stop trade at, do a snapshot of holdings, then pay everyone their NETP to the Bunker Wallets shortly after the payouts have been calculated.

For more ICO information,

you can visit:

see the

Also, this is a ROM (rise only market), with no maximums on order book. Therefore, I would consider this a hidden gem.


You can also follow our project on telegram.


Hey Everyone, we are still waiting for the Bunker to come through with listing, and as a result are merging the project with another projject, and listing this project on the Saturn Network!

The merged project will be called My Teen Coin.