Playkey - First Decentralized Cloud Gaming Platform




The main idea is a decentralized platform for gamers that have realy bad cpu. You can play latest and hottest video games on your low-spec PC or laptop.
All they have is centralized analog of this platform Its working, to play latest game you need steam acount, I think is quite expensive for everyday use. But if you don’t have good PC and want to spend weekends playing your favorite games it the best choise for you.

The roadmap is delayed:

2017 Q4

Access to exchanges: Cryptopia, Evercoin and Coinexchange
Smart-contract for Gamers and Miners 

Still we have only coinexchange. And nothing about smart contract. Maybe I just not found this information please give us update.

2018 Q1

Pro-Miners support
GTX 1080/1080Ti/1070 support
Miners SLA v.1

What do you think? Concept is good, but I dont know if it possible to realize it. For the moment token have realy low trading volumes. Easy to pump, now it also dumped. Need more information from developers.