Pre Sale feedback?


Hello everyone!

The past few days we have seen a lot of interest in our pre-sale discount - which is great! There have also been some concerns raised over our proposed lock up for one year, being that it is too long.

We have been discussing a sliding scale as a solution:

  • 10% bonus - 3 month lock up
  • 25% bonus - 6 month lock up
  • 50% bonus - 12 month lock up

Is that something the community would be interested in? Please let us know!


Sam R


This seems a good idea and their is another concern that is, minimum 25 ETH requirement for pre sale could mean that general customers cannot buy it only big players can enter, so you should do away with that limit and let this be level playing field, because this is what crypto was born to do.


50% discount for a presale is too much.
blocking 12 months under these conditions is good


I like that you are making a new product using ERTS223, and you will have strategic investors.
But still I will tell my opinion about marketing …
I do not see the point of participating in early investors with a 50 percent discount and a 12 month lock because you can buy from Radex right now with a 60-80% discount on STN tokens and without a lock for 12 months.
do not understand marketing a bit
Forgive me for my English, google translator!


I like it, and are you getting rid off 25 as minimum? In my opinion it doesn’t make sense to minimize amount of investors who want to hold for 3/6/12 months.

I second that

Your post made me check it, lol. There is less than 1 STN available on the market right now. Like yes, you can buy it, but nobody sells :frowning:


Thank you for all the feedback guys :slight_smile: please note we are taking it all onboard and discussing our next steps!