Saturn Network Guides



Here you will find all the guides for everything Saturn Network related! Follow Radex tutorials and learn how to use Saturn Wallet, everything you need to know.


  1. How to access our strategic investor program
  2. How to redeem your strategic investor tokens
  3. (ETH) How to participate in our main ICO
  4. (ETC) How to join our protocol launch sale
  5. How to add Saturn DAO token to MetaMask, MEW or Cipher
  6. How to add Saturn Classic token to your MEW or CEW wallet
  7. How to use MetaMask to participate in our ICO with STN
  8. Multi Blockchain Airdrop Formula queries


  1. Preparing for your first Radex trade
  2. Walking through Radex’s orderbook interface
  3. How to deposit & withdraw
  4. How to trade using existing buy or sell orders
  5. Creating your own buy or sell orders
  6. How to check if my token is ERC223?
  7. Token listing process

Saturn Wallet

  1. What is Saturn Wallet?
  2. How to find your wallet address & swap networks
  3. Creating multiple wallet addresses and importing existing MEW / CEW wallets
  4. How to manage your custom tokens?
  5. How to send ether & buy Saturn Classic
  6. Current Saturn Wallet dApp list
  7. How to submit your dApp for listing
  8. Saturn Wallet - Ethereum and Ethereum Classic dApp browser - User Manual

ERC-223 XBV utility token.
Transfer Saturn from wallet to balance
Development Q & A thread - Ask away!
Weekly Q&A Thread - week of July, 30th 2018