Saturn (STN) monetary policy until ICO date


Name: Saturn
Symbol: STN
Total Supply: 200,000 STN
Decimals: 4 (min indivisible amount is 0.0001 STN)
Whitepaper, Etherscan, Ethplorer
Pre-ICO price: 1 STN = 5 LTC
Circulating Supply: 484.853 STN

Saturn.Network’s ethereum addresses that are STN holders:

  • 0xe04c1c91fd58ba6cd50aba00aebd3b93fc1beb9b
  • 0x5f8dd1830c5f0ef38ffe01f7ed03ee936abe0ab3
  • 0x4359d697c2ca3ea58ffd493fffa083db182a6240
  • 0x04bec5c38123c4b9b9afc3a832c5c7dddc0e50c2
  • 0xc856cce96baee4aae3f3cc506e07726baad6f16f
  • 0x332079efbba5417d0c1b74a7dc6f0e4d94e8b932
  • 0x0e6a203718df0ee294274c004bf5f05ebf1b20c5
  • 0xe07eb41dd6cf038a9213e5c409b5f4c4ee22ab6c
  • 0x470e9e57c7841225a4984dc6b4034b181ca2d15f
  • 0x6dc0a5b4c89b32216b286baec0bb680a4d4b36db
  • 0xa936632b3189954b1da6d5234ac57ceda9502ecb
  • 0xff76694dc2f74f96e37176c3a22205e0ae6cdc66

These addresses WILL NOT participate in STN trading on Radex until the start of ICO. You can monitor their activity on the blockchain and confirm for yourself that these tokens will not end up on Radex.