Stable token - low volatility token, ERC223



We would like to draw your attention on STABLE token (STB). The token is not listed yet on any exchange.
We developed a token which have from 5 up to 10 times lower volatility (price variability) than the most established tokens such as BTC or ETH . Therefore the token price action in the middle of Tether (flat price) and BTC or ETH.
The stablility of the token price is achieved thanks to closing inefficiencies present in crypto markets. All of the STABLE project team hava a background in investment banks/hedge funds/algorithmic trading - so in case of the successful listing we will be also acting for this token as a market makers.
Generally speaking we are acting as a tokenized fund (using arbitrage-related strategies only) - we are NOT token pickers or token long term investors. We are closing inefficiencies and when they are closed we are going out of the trade. That way - thanks to arbitrage related strategies - STABLE token price variability is 5-10 times lower than i.e. Bitcoin or Ethereum.
Project web page:
Whitepaper is here:
The STB (Stable) token is based on ERC223 protocol.
On the project’s web page you will find also our team bios.

The project is up and running from the 3-rd of October 2017, so from “day 1” of our activity we started to act on crypto markets.
We have reported our first quarterly results - in the 1-st quarter of our activity the NAV of the project’s assets increased by +14,40% (the results with the comment are also available on our web page in “Perfomance section”).
The next results we will published at the end of March 2018.

Our strategy is “executing fiat arbitrage strategies in Digital Assets” - that way we want to deploy nice performance of STB (Stable) token while controlling the risk and drawdowns and show community that the tokens can not be either flat or very volatile - there is the “third way” by creating the token with small drawdowns and nice performance.

Let me know what are your thoughts about our project and I would like to encourage you to vote for us in order to be listed on Radex.

Best Regards,
Stable Project Team


Hello, we have just published the project results for the first quarter 2018.
STB (Stable) token price during the 1Q of 2018 went up +16.9%.
More details you will find on our project web page here:


@Stable hope you are well! What’s new?

Not sure have been following our developments, Saturn Network is now live on Ethereum & Ethereum Classic and Radex is no longer being developed. Hope to see STB listed!