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@steemthat, the mastermind behind the project, provided us with a description: is a very interesting platform built around a mega crypto blockchain and blogging platform but independent at the same time. We noticed a few things that we could solve fast with a hybrid build verses an on chain build.

First was organizing resources, data and tools that Steemians (members of need to do well on the platform. This is an ongoing project and many community members are now blogging on both platforms and earning rewards on both platforms.
Second is great but lacked a real social portal that connected real people in a traditional facebook, twitterish way. If you want to promote your post you visit multiple different websites, and if you want to chat it is the same. Thinking about forming groups, you basically just have discord. Not everyone is a 1990’s annoying chat type person.’s social portal allows members to connect in various ways and form groups and promote their posts all while earning rewards on Power to the People! Plus you can blog for rewards or just to help other members out with cool tips and strategies, etc. It is all now integrated for easy interactions between members. So while our focus is on helping steemians grow all of our eggs are not in one basket.
One of the neatest features I’m working on is integrating Members Steemit Blog Feed Into Their profile. When we can do this and allow remote voting, commenting, resteeming, and more it will be a very sweet day.
Our internal rewards points system is awesome but is centralized and not blockchain tech or exchange worthy. It works great for handling the Equitable Proof Of Stake or rewards system for content creation and works performed but it needed to be tokenized to allow trans-portability and extended trust and eternal existence. One reason we chose Ethereum was that is was on the very safe list for not being harassed by government bodies. In the event that laws change and were not to be allowed to operate Steemish could carry on and still have value as much of the value lies within the curation specialists accounts. Let me explain more on this in another post.

TRX, ASP, STISH and EMT listed on Radex

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What happens if Steem and Steemit collapses?


Why ?

Technical Points:

Even if something like this happens, the blockchain STEEM which is based on the robust Graphene technology which is powering bitshares and EOS as well will live on. Though its not tried, I am hoping that EOS - the cryptoOS will be able to consider Steemit as another app that it can host.


In terms of transactions, STEEM tops everything else - Etherium, bitcoin everything.


As per the first every “believable” independent review Weiss Reviews - EOS tops the list, (with Etherium), STEEM is on list as well as bitshares (all above bitcoin and other popular ones.)

STEEM is not the only blockchain steemthat will be able to work with - we can readily deploy and work on GOLOS and few other networks.


Very well stated Sir. We have the ability to be versatile if needed but it is very unlikely that we will need to do anything but add websites like GOLOS in the future to broaden our reach. As we will be putting 50% of Revenue generated into escrow via Steem Power to fund the whale pool for the curation specialist accounts understanding that the risk is minimum yet hedged should help people finalize there decision to participate in the trade of Stish.


Come on guys, how can STeemit with such a high market cap collapse anytime soon?? This is not really possible.


After all of the late nights coding, building and testing, and re-testing your ERC-20 token, you might have thought the hard stuff was over. But let me assure you that your journey is just beginning. Creating your token is really the very very beginning or foundation of the whole process to starting a successful cryptocurrency journey.

You Built The Token Don’t Jump Up And Down Just Yet…

There are a couple things that will give your token much needed validity early own. These few things need to be addressed as quickly as possible after creation of the token or smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. One of these is verifying your contract and source code on Etherscan. Etherscan is the primary blockchain explorer for the Ethereum blockchain. Verifying your contract and making your source code public is a must. This can be done as soon as the contract has been compiled and launched on the Ethereum network.

Doing this requires some patience as it is hard to get it right the first time. There are several guides out there that can explain it better than I can so for that reason I am out on explaining the verification process. Here is a guide by Quinten De Swaef .

Getting things verified and adding the source code should be the hard part but it is easier than the next few things you should do to get your token listed on

Getting Your ERC-20 Token Listed On Etherscan Is Tough.

When we created our token I don’t believe signing a message was part of the original verification process. It could have been but I do not remember reading anything about it. Now if you try to submit your information to Etherscan without your Contract having a valid signature you will be declined and no reason is given generally leaving you scratching your head about what to do.

Signing a message is important. It verifies that you have the right to list the token and it also adds some trackable abilities to the actual owner of ERC-20 tokens to help reduce scams and scammers. I would like to say that just because a token fails doesn’t mean it was a scam. There are in my opinion several successful tokens that appear to be scams but they have not collapsed yet. Transparency and honesty is important to determining the validity of a token and signing a message adds to the trust level. Someone can be held accountable now that there are some ways to track original ownership of the smart contracts.

The service you use to sign a message is up to you of course but the structure that is required is not. Etherscan has strict guidelines on the format of the message. They now have this listed which is very nice. You can find more details about the structure here:

For Stish we used My Ether Wallet to sign our message. The link for this is not easy to find so we have provided it here:

The format for the message is simple just be sure to copy it exactly as it was send it from myetherwallet or other message service. You will need to set the date correctly when you send your message. One thing you could do is create a quick notepad text file and store the information you need for Etherscan in it until you can take it to Etherscan and insert it all.

Your message will need to look like this:

[ 27/03/2018 01:29:40] I, hereby verify that the information provided is accurate and I am the owner/creator of the token contract address [token contract address]

You will need to use the wallet address that you used to create your Solidity Contract initially to verify. At least that is what we did to get approved. If you use that address to verify the message, you will need that address for the form linked below also.

The first message we did I was on the wrong account on metamask and sent the message, got all of the details entered correctly but had no reason why we were denied. It was tough until a super nice person at Etherscan emailed me one day with details that even I could follow.

Be sure you are on the correct wallet address when you create and sign the message. Which ever wallet address you use to sign the message, use that same address to enter into Etherscan’s form.


After you submit the message via meta mask myetherwallet or message service of your choice you will get a TX Signature hash. You will need to copy that and enter it next on Etherscan. It disappears quick so be ready.

The last step is to copy the exact message you signed and re-enter it on Etherscan.

Etherscan Now Has A Step By Step Guide Built. This Can Help You Stay On Track. Find it here:

You are almost done!

There is still one more complex step that is no where to be found anymore. I can’t even find it. Here is what you do.
You will need to email Etherscan support and provide the information below:
UPDATE: There is now a form for this but is hard to find and is token specific. So if you have finished the steps above then generally after a few days you can search for your token and find it.

After you click your token’s name from the find bar you will be able to see more about your token. You might be able to find your token by the contract address also if it isn’t listed by name yet.

We still have some things we can update and will update soon. There is a tab for Token Info. When you click that you find the hidden link to update your token information. If you have the below information ready, go give it a try and good luck.

Be patient as it might take several days for them to respond via email. Sometimes they will just give you a blanket denial. You will need to respond and ask for specific reasons in a nice way so that you can drill down to the problem and correct it. Patience is the key for sure. It took us months to get it worked out for Stish.

It helps to have many of the below social media profiles established before you ever launch your token. It also helps to have most of them. It is also wise to be listed on Radex exchange as without you will not get listed on Etherscan. :grinning:




Message: To update your ERC20 token information please provide us with the following information:

Firstly, check that your token contract source code has been verified.

  1. Contract Address:

  2. Official Site URL:

  3. Link to download a 28x28png icon logo:

  4. Official Contact Email Address:

  5. Link to blog (optional):

  6. Link to reddit (optional):

  7. Link to slack (optional):

  8. Link to facebook (optional):

  9. Link to twitter (optional):

  10. Link to bitcointalk (optional):

  11. Link to github (optional):

  12. Link to telegram (optional):

  13. Link to whitepaper (optional):

  14. CoinMarketCap Link (PriceData): N/A Yet.

Thank you very much,
Your Name

Your Company Name


Hope this might help someone trying to get their Token Listed On Etherscan. It isn’t easy but being persistent helps. Don’t give up and one day you too can have a real listing with your links and logo etc. Good luck.


Thank you @steemthat for this amazing guide!


Built a nice video and talk about Radex.

Youtube Version:

Decentralized Tube:!/v/binkley/apoaygar


That made me all warm and fuzzy inside! Nice video :slight_smile:


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#17 has been Rebranded and the focus by the community has changed. Stish the crypto currency has also migrated to version 2.0. The social networking community is now more representative of the Crypto brand Stish and can be used by visiting… After surviving several hardforks and developing countless tools used by thousands per day we have reluctantly sunset all tools related to Steemit… was a blended platform that served its initial purpose well. The new website is faster and more focused on Stish cryptocurrency and building the micro crypto economy for our community. With equitable rewards distribution allows people to earn rewards for creating full blog posts plus micro blogging like on facebook or twitter. Many people earn Stish from making friends and posting comments. Some share photos and videos and get the conversation started. When you write blog posts they are automatically shared in the community timeline/feed/stream which helps others find your content. Likes and comments drive popular posts to the top of the community and often will earn featured post status.

People can form groups and direct message each other from within the community. Stish is a complete social networking website which rewards users with crypto for doing things they enjoy doing on other website for free. As a growing community that is heavily focused on seeing the Stish cryptocurrency succeed we look to a bright future moving down this bold new path.

Work rewards is not a new concept. Most developed nations employ work rewards at some level for currency distribution. and the social network provides the backbone for the micro crypto economy by creating the equitable distribution platform for the Stish cryptocurrency. Our PEE theory states that when people exert effort they tend to value the rewards they receive for that effort versus just airdropping the tokens. The largest amount of Stish distribution will come from the equitable reward pool distribution.

See The White Paper and Other Papers Here…

Info You Might Need Right Now!

See The Contract On Etherscan at:

The Contract Address: 0xb472C71365eF9ed14226bB0AA4C9a3Fa45EcE510

The Currency Name: Stish

The Currency Trading Symbol: Stish

The Currency Decimals: 4

We are officially having a Token Event to raise funding for further development of the platform. Your participation in this round is greatly appreciated.

Here is a short video that might help explain the concept easier… and the Stish It community are ever growing and improving. There are countless advantages and benefits to using the platform and we could write an article just about each one. The whole project is a comprehensive social network with all the major components you will see on similar mainstream platforms. The full blogging portal allows users to create blog posts using an awesome visual editor or a text markdown composer. People can easily monetize content from other social media networks. Authors you love can easily be tipped in major cryptocurrencies which have wallets built into the platform. Stish will be added soon once we raise the capital needed to fund the development. Stish Wallets were just launched with limited ability but these Hot Wallets will allow users to purchase Stish and move it around easily from within the platform. We look to build essentially atomic type swaps between members allowing them to eventually exchange their Stish for other major crypto from directly within the platform. has been a huge part of our early success. We believe in decentralized exchanges and love what the Saturn Network Team stands for. We look to have the new Stish2.0 re-listed and traded on Radex very soon once they finish the development of their next big update!

To date Stish has more holders than ever before and will soon add even more as we have been collecting Ethereum addresses and emails from our 1 Million Stish Air Drop Giveaway!

We do want to help spur the trading of the currency and distribution is one great way to do that. We have to be realistic also and let everyone know that we need to raise a minimum of 100,000 USD to really take the currency and platform to the next level. From that point we should be able to from time to time liquidate some of the minted Stish set aside for Development to start the blockchain development and future projects for the community.

We are a small but growing community and everyone has a voice and they matter to us. If you are passionate about building a micro crypto economy then you should join today and get involved. What is a micro crypto economy? We look at it as an online community currency store of value that can semi avoid the world’s crazy collapsing economies. If you think of it like a regular small city or town where everyone has different roles to play and contributes to society in different ways and therefore earn different rewards based on the value placed on those contributions. This is in a nutshell. People do different tasks and the rewards are pre-determined. The rewards are greater for early adopters and over time the rewards earned are lowered to control flow of currency into the markets. With an increasing base of users creating content, viewing content, making friends and adding generally value to the community through interactions while slowly lowering the rate of currency supply the value of the currency should increase as demand increases with a dwindling supply.

Ultimately at the end of the day we look to see trading opportunities as people from around the world will value their time and energy are varying rates which will allow for some savvy traders to buy Stish at lower than normal prices compared to developed nations value of time and energy. An example might be that someone in the UK spends 4 hours and earns 4 Stish for their time and energy for creating a blog post. They might feel that they must sell their Stish for $35 to make it worth their time. While someone in an under developed area might create similar content and spend a similar amount of time but value their time and effort. This person might be happy to sell their Stish for $20 each. This volatility can be advantageous for traders. Over time the free market will ultimate determine the price and value of Stish. If no one is willing to sell it cheap it never will sell cheap but holds its value. I look forward to seeing where Stish trades at once we reach just 10,000 Members. Should be interesting.


Thank you sir for getting us updated. I know you are covered up with the new updates which are so freaking sweet!