Tezos good news



So guys nice to hear we finaly have news from Tezos project. Offical twitter is empty but we have update direcltly from Artur and Kathleen Breitman. You can folow this links to this twitter acounts:

And some new articles in hackernoon:


Video update!



I found this link usefull for developers.


Very nice content from mr. Breitman. Would be nice if he and his team would work on the blockchain and maybe share some progress on Tezos instead of telling us about STARKS from the future.

Do you think Tezos will launch in 2018?


Who nows? But I realy hope they will launch this project. Because I invested some money on ICO.


At least we have some news


More new from Tezos https://tezosfoundation.ch/news/tezos-foundation-appoints-new-board-member/


new video update from Mr. Breitman.


Nice! Always respect a guy who is on his grind. :slight_smile:


Tezos went HAM, and I wasn’t doing any research at that time, or I would’ve gotten some!