Tribeca, high-frequency market making bot


Tribeca is a very low latency cryptocurrency market making trading bot with a full featured web client, backtester, and supports direct connectivity to several cryptocoin exchanges. On modern hardware, it can react to market data by placing and canceling orders in under a millisecond.

Algorithm description

This trading bot performs market making, a simple strategy that lets one earn money by providing liquidity to an exchange. We have written about market making before in one of our blog posts.

Supported exchanges

  • GDAX
  • OKCoin
  • HitBTC
  • BitFinex

Supported currencies

  • USD
  • BTC
  • LTC
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • CNY
  • ETH
  • BFX
  • RRT
  • ZEC
  • BCN
  • DASH
  • DOGE
  • DSH
  • EMC
  • FCN
  • LSK
  • NXT
  • QCN
  • SDB
  • SCB
  • XDN
  • XEM
  • XMR
  • ARDR
  • BTU
  • MAID
  • AMP


How profitable is market making on different exchanges

Pretty high quality for a free open-source project. Latest commit on GitHub was 3 months ago, the project might be in an abandoned state. It is fairly well documented though and should work for at least some exchanges and trading pairs. If you’ve used this bot before please share your experience with us!


How much does the bot cost?


Absolutely free and open source! But you have to set it up yourself on your own server. You’d want the server to be as close to the exchange as possible. For example, GDAX suggests using AWS instances in us-east-1 region.


Thanks for the info! What type of return can be expected from using Tribeca bot?


Market making is a very common strategy these days and is very competitive on big exchanges. Also, I suspect that largest exchanges run market making bots within the exchange, which means their bots react faster than yours ever will. There is no regulation to prevent that, and some very real money to be made.

But trying this strategy on smaller exchanges can be worthwhile.

As for how much one can make, we wrote an article with some simulations.


Is there any video tutorial to install the bot?


I am not aware of any, but I could write a text guide on Rados if that would be helpful?


Neuron - Is Tribeca still being developed?

I recently setup 5 instances of Tribeca (since each Tribeca can only handle 1 exchange at a time). All are using Coinbase (GDAX) as the exchange.


The ETH/BTC and LTC/BTC do not seem to be behaving as expected.

Each Tribeca is running as it’s own VM, with it’s own MongoDB instance.

I was hoping to setup in such a way, that it’s ultimate goal is really to automatically trade for an increase in BTC. In otherwords, configure an arbitrage type of scenario. As an example: where LTC is trading on the low end, but the exchange rate between LTC and BTC shows that by trading LTC for BTC it results in a higher trade. Thus USD-LTC-BTC results in more BTC, than if you were just doing a USD-BTC direct.

Is this possible?

Tribeca is the only HFT freeware source i’ve seen out there. Everything else is dog slow, not HFT, or paid software (and those still aren’t HFT).


Github shows “Latest commit 32f3f60 on 26 Feb 2018”

It might be possible that bitrot has already started to plague this project and it needs maintenance. Luckily the code is high quality and the project is open source. You could do a good thing and reinvest some of your crypto profits and hire a typescript coder to fix the bugs for all of us.

I think this guy is doing some maintenance now?


here’s the right link