TRONIX (TRX) - Web 4.0 Decentralized platform


Quote from official website

Data liberation of TRON(TRX), with it’s intention of healing the internet

TRON team is constructing a worldwide free content entertainment based on the concept that creative industries should be mainly driven by the pursuit of quality.

Tron allows users to freely publish, store and own data. With Tron, content is owned by content creators, artists, and scriptwriters rather than the capitalists who consume them.

Subjective review

Between the claims of plagiarized whitepaper and the skyrocket growth in price there are many a skeptic of what TRON is all about. The official website hides behind slogans like MAKE WEB DECENTRALIZED AGAIN and DECENTRALIZED FREEDOM and does not convey what the project is actually doing.

Judging by the looks of it, a well-connected and wealthy young entrepreneur from China decided to go the usual Chinese route with a twist: copy the best existing technology, internalize it, and build upon this technology in order to create a global powerhouse.

Right now Chinese services are pretty much confined within China, like WeChat and Tencent. Mostly because they are copies of existing western services like WhatsApp and Twitter, but also because every centralized Chinese service has a backdoor built-in for their government. Most westerners don’t like such invasion of privacy.

If TRON succeeds it will mean both liberation of Chinese users from the eyes of the Big Brother, as well as the first expansion of Chinese technological juggernauts on the global arena.

I think they did simply steal the whitepaper because the founding team does not particularly appreciate technological know-how and intellectual property rights. What they are focused on is taking any IP that they can get and building the future. With the funding that they currently have and, frankly speaking, a pretty cool name, chances are that TRON will succeed in carving out a market niche for itself, at the very least as an Ethereum sidechain.


What you need to know about the TRON crypto currency. Is there any prospect for TRX tokens?


Well if you check their website it looks like TRON definitely has no qualms about spending quite a lot of money for infrastructure & tools to be built and updated by their community:

It is definitely one way to garner interest from teams of developers who could potentially go on to create some interesting dApps or tokens on TRON once that can happen… And then depending on the quality of those dApps/tokens you could see a scenario where TRX’s tokens have more use / more value.