This is the wallet in question he’s claiming from: 0xa03b28cbbbbcef1906442715c73eaf9aa484f8cc
He does have ETC in it.

Yes, hopefully this should work when he tries again.


Yes. Just I have got.
As you tell, I reset gas limit to 200000.
Now worked.
Thank you for your good suggestion.


where is the addres… erc223, where private key


need more info? What address and erc223 you speaking about?


Hi Saturn Team,

Please help & support to resolve the issue to redeem the Saturn after the unlock date.

I am using the same Metamask wallet (Through which I bought Saturn) + 0.005 ETH balance.

Error is being that Submit the Redeem.

  1. use this link
  2. Make sure you have saturn wallet disabled when you are using metamask and vice versa - only one ethereum wallet extension can be active at a time.

In case this doesn’t help you need to provide more info about your troubles, document your process in as much detail as you can. We are a bunch of very smart people but we are not capable of telepathy.