Zlancer - freelance network



Telegramm: https://t.me/joinchat/Gy7OKkP5__4Xy-eWsEldRQ


So they have beta version of their website. I registered to test.

Is dead, now only 4 projects. And only one looking not bad. But this is just beta, maybe they will do something better.
Now coin is in the dump. Price is $0,52. I think price 0.25 to buy this token looks great. Now is realy low trading volumes, so this coin is easy to pump. Risky and easy profit .I don’t know the real plans of their devs, but community is alive and telegram chat is working.
If they add some new exchanges and finish their product it look like good investment.


The big deal for social platforms is getting new users, the typical chicken and egg problem. Unless they focus their efforts on bringing in new users, by, say, giving away bonus tokens to people who complete projects, they won’t get very far.

But it does look fairly sleek and has a nice name, ZLANCER :crossed_swords:

Maybe some pump chat will notice it and will pump it to $1


I dont know why but their token name is diferent - ZCashGold.